Started this adventure – Finally

We are finally on our adventure. We planned to start it on April 1st but we hit a few snags like finding and moving our daughter into her own apartment and whittling down our stuff so we could move it to our small storage unit. It’s strange and cleansing that everything we own is in storage now. On to new beginnings.  So our adventure began on April 9th or really April 10th. Whatever. It doesn’t really matter. We are finally on our way.

First stop was Tucson Arizona. Arrived on April 10th. I know it is only a hour and a half from the Phoenix area but we felt that it was a good starting point. We decided to spend a restful day and night in our hotel room catching up on our TV programs and doing basically nothing before heading to our next location. Very glad we did this because we really needed this rest after all the preparation for this trip.

Next we headed to San Antonio Texas but first we arrived in Las Cruses New Mexico on April 11 and stayed overnight. Not much to do in Las Cruses. We ate at a little Mexican restaurant. I had pork tacos for dinner. They were ok, not great. I’ve had better tacos in Phoenix. The next day we drove the rest of the way to San Antonio Texas and arrived on April 12th. It was about a 600 mile drive. We stopped in FT Stockton Texas at a place called the Sagebrush Cafe for lunch. I had a good Catfish sandwich which was recommended by our waitress. It was raining when we departed after lunch.  We stopped at the Kerr County Country store for a bathroom break. They had a strange rule for the women’s bathroom. There were many signs when entering and inside the bathroom that all paper products including toilet paper had to be thrown in the trash. Nothing could be flushed down the toilet. It was gross.  Nickie forgot about this rule and flushed some toilet paper so we can never go back to that place again. 🙂

We arrived San Antonio on Tuesday, April 12th. We visited Nickie’s good friend Brigitte who was also our wedding planner. She and Nickie have been friends since High School. She arranged for us to stay in her Townhouse near the Riverwalk.  When we arrived that night we witnessed a huge hail storm the size of golf balls coming down and banging against the windows. Luckily we had covered parking so there wasn’t any damage to our vehicle. The local news reported that this storm caused a lot of damage to many  cars and houses around San Antonio. Insurance companies will be very busy.

The next day Wednesday, April 13, Brigitte toured us around the Riverwalk area. We had brunch at a little place outside the Pearl Brewery and she told us about Fiesta and how San Antonio gets ready for this every year. Kind of reminded me of Gay pride with all the costumes and colors. That night we had a good BBQ dinner at a place called the Smoke Shack. Had a good sampling of ribs and brisket. Could not leave Texas without sampling some good BBQ.

The next day Thursday, April 14th we toured the Alamo.  Not as big as I imagined. Downtown San Antonio was also getting ready for Fiesta starting that night so it was fun to do some people watching too. People dressed in costumes with lots of medals or buttons displayed proudly on vests. Watched different bands rehearsing for the big show. Very fun and relaxing. That night we had dinner with Brigitte and her family at Sabro, a Pizza  and Beer place by the Riverwalk. Good food, beer and good conversation with her family.

The next day Friday, April 15 we were suppose to go to Austin but Nickie was sick with the Flu. I took her to Urgent Care to get medication and she slept the rest of the day. Austin will have to wait for another time. The next day Saturday April 16 we took off for New Orleans LA and by accident we stopped to get coffee at a place called Lulu’s not knowing that they are known for their huge Sweet rolls. Of course I bought one and am not sure when we will be eating it. Since it can be preserved for awhile (has a lot of sugar) it is a great symbol of Texas. Everything is bigger there. On to more adventure in Louisiana.





CHCHCHCHANGES time to face the strange…

There has been a lot of changes since I posted my last blog entry. We have moved our daughter to her own home, sold our house in 5 days after we put it on the market, and decided we will be doing this trip around the US  in 2016 by car and not by truck and trailer.

My last day of work was last Friday, 2/12/16 and Nickie’s last day is this today, 2/19/16. Leaving the workforce was easier than I thought. It is weird that  I have been working in the corporate world since I was sixteen.  That is over 40 years. Is that possible? Not having to get up in the morning and go to work is a little strange but it is a great opportunity to embrace this change and work on transforming myself throughout this adventure. I am going through many different feelings right now and it is hard to describe which one is the biggest right now.

Selling our house in 5 days after it went on the market was a little jarring. We had 2 showings on a Friday night and ended up getting a good clean offer on Saturday in the morning. It wasn’t what we were asking for and it was better than the comp in our neighborhood that sold a month earlier. I will miss this house and the neighborhood but I am ready to move forward.

Right now we are packing up the house to get it ready for the movers and doing all the other things that go into moving. We will be moving into our daughter’s house until we leave on our trip April 1st. During this time we will be planning the details of our adventure. I also want a tattoo that will represent this adventure and am doing a lot of research on the design.

That’s it for now…I will work on posting more to this blog so you can follow us on this adventure of a lifetime.